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Woman standing in front of plant and Cookie Monster doll.

Bennett, Naomi P. “Telematic connections: sensing, feeling, being in space together.” International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, vol. 16, no. 3, 245-268, December 2020. 

McDonald, Bonny; Hamzehee, Joshua; Bennett, Naomi P.; and Smith, Montana. "Abbreviating Boal at the Louisiana Old State Capitol Museum: Using Image Theatre," Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Journal, vol. 5, rticle 11, November 2020. 

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Bennett, Naomi P. “aisthēsis: Feeling Through the Skin of My Eyes.” Global Performance Studies, vol. 3, no. 2, June 2020.  

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Bennett, Naomi P. “Floating in Space: DisEmbodied Experiences of being Held Tightly by the Vast Emptiness in Turrell’s Perfectly Clear,” PARtake: Journal of Performance as Research, vol. 2, no. 2, article 5, February 2019. 

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Bennett, Naomi P. "Virtual Touch: Embodied Experiences of (dis)Embodied Intimacy in Mediatized Performance." Louisiana State University, May 2020.

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