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Naomi Bennett currently teaches as an instructor in the Department of Communication Studies and an affiliate faculty for the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at Louisiana State University and as an adjunct instructor for the Masters of Liberal Arts program at Tulane University. Previous to LSU, Bennett received her MFA at California State University, Los Angeles, where she was a graduate teaching associate.

Undergraduate (lower-division):

  • Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

  • Introduction to Research in Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Introduction to Performing Literature

  • Fundamentals of Communication

  • Public Speaking

  • Acting Games and Exercises

Undergraduate (upper-division & honors):

  • Digital Performance in Everyday Life

  • Acting Fundamentals: Scene Study

  • Performance Composition

  • Zombie Films

  • Sex and Zombies

  • Black Women in Film

Graduate level:

  • Zombies, Culture, & Society

  • Digital Performance

Other areas of interest include:

  • Installation art

  • Digitally-mediated performance

  • Emergent pandemic performance genres

  • Phenomenology, liveness, and realness

  • Physical theater and devising

  • Clowning

  • Digital embodiment

  • Zombies as cultural metaphor

Naomi also teaches movement for the stage, including Contact Improv, InterPlay, Clowning, and is a certified yoga teacher.

Woman wearing purple tank top.

Pictured: Naomi Bennett, California State University, Los Angeles

Photo credit: Xing-Mai Deng © all rights reserved

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